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Dear Friends, The best way to describe the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA) is as a bridge. It is a geographical bridge between the ancient port city of Yaffo and the hyper-modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, as well as between the north and south of Israel. It is a cultural bridge that fosters greater understanding between Jews, Christians, Muslims, and people of all religions and ethnicities. And it is a social bridge, bringing together students from every walk of life, including many from disadvantaged communities who are often the first in their families to pursue higher education, becoming positive role models for the generations who will follow in their footsteps. Since 1994, MTA has established itself as a leading institution of higher education in Israel, with six Schools and 4,800 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Located at the heart of Yaffo, one of Israel’s most vibrant multicultural cities, the College was founded on three pillars that represent its core values: academic excellence, social justice and activism, and business and entrepreneurship. Internationalization is an integral component in the diverse, multi-ethnic MTA faculty and student body, who are united in their commitment to creating a lasting social and economic impact in Israel and beyond. As the world increasingly becomes more dynamic and interdependent, we are working diligently to expand our global network of academic, business, and philanthropic partners and stakeholders. Cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity are both key parts of daily life at MTA, and we aspire to constantly improve these skills. Indeed, in many ways, our multicultural approach is not only nurturing the next generation of academics and entrepreneurs, but giving rise to social leaders as well. With this in mind, I invite you to peruse these pages, learn more about the many unique qualities of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and plan your forthcoming visit to our campus. We are sure that MTA will be THE DAWN OF NEW IMPACT ACADEMIA on you too! Warm regards, Dror Wahrman Prof. Dror Wahrman, Ph.D. President Founded 1994 SCHOOL OF Management & Economics SCHOOL OF Computer Science SCHOOL OF Government & Society SCHOOL OF Behavioral Sciences SCHOOL OF Nursing Science SCHOOL OF Information Systems 16,000 Alumni 4,800 Students 417 Academic Staff 6 Schools



OUR CAMPUS DRAWS ON THE COZY, FAMILIAL FEEL OF NEIGHBORING YAFFO TO FOSTER A THRIVING COMMUNITY THAT LIVES AND STUDIES TOGETHER. The new MTA dorms not only function as a home for our students, they also form the cornerstone of educational excellence and innovation. Here, you can join hundreds of students from al l backgrounds: Israelis, immigrants, and exchange students from countries worldwide; Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others; religious and secular students; arts and science majors; and – in short – the full spectrum of Israeli society. MTA OFFERS THE COHESIVE, CLOSE-KNIT FEEL OF A SMALL AND INTIMATE CAMPUS, MOMENTS FROM TEL AVIV'S BUSY SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL CENTERS. CAMPUS MTA

SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE HI-TECH PIONEERS & EXPERIENCED FACULTY COME TOGETHER TO FOSTER THE STARTUP NATION'S NEXT GENERATION Prof. Dalit Naor holds a B.Sc. from the Technion, received her Ph.D. and M.Sc. from UC Davis, and was a postdoc at Stanford and Tel Aviv University. She joined the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo after spending many years at IBM Research, where she held several senior managerial and technical positions. Dalit is a noted expert in cloud platforms and storage systems. She holds 17 patents, has co-authored various standards, and is the author of 37 academic papers and a book chapter. In her current role as Dean of the School of Computer Science, Dalit aims to strengthen the School’s ties with Israel’s vibrant hi-tech ecosystem in Israel while ensuring continued academic excellence and relevance, establishing the School as a leading light in the computer science field. PROF. DALIT NAOR Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.Sc. in Computer Science - Students can choose a specialization in: Communication & Internet, Software & System Engineering, Economics & Management, and Data Science • B.A. in Computer Science and Management & Economics • M.Sc. in Computer Science (with or without thesis) The School of Computer Science is a ground fusion of theoretical knowledge and exclusive opportunities to work alongside industry experts from multinationals like IBM, Microsoft, and Intel gives MTA students a significant advantage within a highly competitive sector, leading to the impressively high percentage of MTA graduates launching their own startups or being headhunted by leading hi-tech companies. Jecka Glasman has a B.Sc in Economics, Management, and Computer Science. She has held a number of senior positions in New Jersey, USA, including as CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso North America, a truck division of Daimler, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and as CEO of SodaStream USA. She has served in other key roles in major companies such as Comverse and Mercury Interactive. Today, Jecka is the Chief Commercial Officer of Kornit Digital, which develops and markets innovative digital printing solutions for the textile industry and leading companies in the e-commerce world, such as Amazon. The company employs over 900 people worldwide and is traded on NASDAQ. JECKA GLASMAN | VP of Kornit Digital, Former CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso North America & CEO of SodaStream USA | Alumni

SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT & ECONOMICS MTA SUPPORTS STUDENTS AS THEY DEVELOP CONCEPTS INTO REAL, EFFECTIVE BUSINESS VENTURES Prof. Yoav Ganzach received his B.A. from Tel Aviv University, received his masters from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Yoav is a psychologist who is interested in social and economic behavior. His work focuses on basic psychological processes, such as decision making, knowledge acquisition, and attitude formation, and how those behaviors affect the landscape of modern society. Since 2021 Yoav has been Dean of the School of Management & Economics at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. His goal is to harness the knowledge and experience of the esteemed faculty to educate and imbue the skills to be the economists and managers of tomorrow, making our society a better place to live. PROF. YOAV GANZACH Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.A. in Economics & Management • B.A. in Economics & Management and Computer Science • M.B.A.- Students can choose a specialization in: Finance, Impact Management, Marketing, and Strategy Entrepreneurship & Innovation • M.A. in Organizational Management & Consulting The School of Management & Economics focuses on three interrelated aspects: teaching, research, and collaboration with the local and national business community, of which it is an integral part. Thanks to the faculty's professional expertise, the School has become a center for activities in numerous fields, such as entrepreneurship & innovation, finance, real estate, family businesses, corporate governance, and impact management. Gerry holds a B.A. in Economics and Management and an MBA in Finance. He is currently the Executive Director, General Manager of UBS Wealth Management. Prior to his current position, he specialized in investment advice for high net worth clients and served in a number of key roles at local and international banks. Gerry is known for his expertise in wealth management, holistic advisory, business planning, asset management, management and trading. GERRY LIVNAT | Executive Director, General Manager of UBS Wealth Management | Alumni

SCHOOL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS EQUIPS STUDENTS WITH THE TECHNICAL SKILLS TO ENTER THE GLOBAL WORKFORCE Prof. Ruti Gafni is the founding Dean of the School of Information Systems. She holds a Ph.D. from BarIlan University, focusing on Information Systems, as well as an M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. (cum laude) in Economics and Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University. Ruti has more than 40 years of research and practical experience as an entrepreneur, project manager, analyst, developer, and manager of quality assurance and methodologies. Her research combines several facets of information systems, such as adoption of new technologies and areas, with reference to human-computer interaction, focusing especially on mobile technologies, e-learning, and cybersecurity. PROF. RUTI GAFNI Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.Sc. in Information Systems - Students can choose a specialization in: Cybersecurity or Digital Innovation. The School of Information Systems prepares highly skilled professionals to address permanently growing demands within the Israeli hi-tech industry. Its programs combine the theoretical and practical, providing a unique environment for applying acquired knowledge in real-world projects. Meiran Galis began studying at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo in 2015 and was elected as a student union representative for the School of Information Systems. Meiran was also a member of the Kingston University delegation for the EU IN2IT program in London, UK. After graduating, Meiran joined EY's Technology Risk Department, advising and auditing hundreds of technology companies on data protection and privacy. He has now launched a new venture, Scytale AI, where the vision is to revolutionize the compliance industry and create new and innovative enhancements that will make compliance smarter, easier, and more accurate. Scytale AI strives to be the world's leading compliance expert for SaaS companies. MEIRAN GALIS | Chief Executive Officer, Scytale AI | Alumni

SCHOOL OF BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES DYNAMIC FACULTY LEADING THE NEXT GENERATION THROUGH THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE IN ADVANCED RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE Prof. Yonata Levy became Dean of the School of Behavioral Science in October 2019 and was previously Professor of Psychology at Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical and the Psychology Department for 33 years. Her research focuses on children with neurodevelopmental disorders and more recently primarily on autism. The School of Behavioral Sciences gains its prestige for being the largest (for specialization track offerings) psychology school in Israel, as well as having the largest number of students and programs at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Striving for excellence is based, among other things, on advanced research in a variety of fields, and encouraging faculty members to engage in research in all areas of behavioral science, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. PROF. YONATA LEVY Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.A. in Psychology – Students can choose a specialization in: Human-Computer Interaction, Human Resource Management, or Sports & Physical Activity. • M.A. in Clinical Psychology • M.A. in Developmental Psychology • M.A. in Medical Psychology • M.A. in Rehabilitation Neuropsychology • M.A. in Occupational Psychology • M.A. in Educational Psychology The School of Behavioral Sciences offers a comprehensive program grounded in theoretical and methodological psychology within a small-classroom setting, the School has become the institution of choice for training mental health experts and practitioners while simultaneously promoting research in many significant areas of national importance. Students also benefit from integrated applied field training, which equips them with the knowledge and tools they need for further study, as well as for careers in the mental health field. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while completing her degree and simultaneously writing her dissertation, Shiran authored “The Gift of Yahav,” a children’s book which was independently published following a successful crowdfunding campaign. As someone who has cerebral palsy, Shiran has used the book to form a connecting thread between the professional and personal in her life. Through Yahav's journey in the book, we understand the challenges of achieving goals and fulfilling personal ambitions while dealing with physical limitations. The book helps readers to recognize the similarities and differences that exist, and talks about the importance of being accepted in society just as you are. SHIRAN MOGRABI | M.A in Rehabilitation Neuropsychology | Alumni

SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY ENCOURAGING CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE WHO WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE OF ISRAEL. Dr. Graciela Trajtenberg is the Dean of the School of Government & Society at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Her 2005 book "Between Nationalism and Art: The Social Construction of the Israeli Art Field During the Yishuv Period" received the 2006 Mordechai Ish-Shalom Award for Best Academic Book on Israeli History. Graciela was formerly Head of the Sociology of the Arts Research Network at the European Sociological Association (ESA-RN 2). She is currently a member of the RN Advisory Committee. She studies the connection between art, culture, and politics, focusing on the relationship between art and nationalism, women and gender in art, and the social and political aspects of street art in Israel. Her recent research concerns the status of the artist and artistic careers in Israel. DR. GRACIELA TRAJTENBERG Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.A. in Sociology and Political Science - Students must choose between a single track or double major, with the option of a specialization in Communication & Media • M.A. in Family Studies - Students have the option to major in Family-Work Balance or Individual Counseling for Families. The School of Government & Society offers two unique programs for Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The B.A. program combines hands-on practical experience with broad-based theoretical studies in topics such as media studies, regulation, and digital governance. In this way, it aims to empower students with the advanced theoretical knowledge and pragmatic skills they need for future success. The M.A. program qualifies students to become experts in family affairs, helping to improve families' quality of life in a variety of fields. Khouloud Ayuti is a social activist who grew up in Yaffo’s underprivileged and marginalized Arab community. When she was only 18 years old Khouloud was named a Global Teen Leader by the prestigious We Are Family Foundation international youth program, for her work and dedication to her diverse community of Yaffo. In pursuing her passion for social change, she studied Social and Political Sciences at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Determined to empower her own community in Yaffo, she arrived at PresenTense as the coordinator for the "Made in Yaffo" program in 2017 and has since progressed to the role of Co-CEO of the organization. This role has led her to be chosen among The Marker Magazine’s “40 Under 40” for 2021. KHOULOUD AYUTI | Co-Chief Executive Officer at PresenTense | Alumni

SCHOOL OF NURSING SCIENCE APPLYING A DIVERSE AND MULTICULTURAL APPROACH TO NURSING SHAPING FUTURE HEALTH CARE WORKERS Dr. Dorit Weil Lotan is the Dean of the School of Nursing Science at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. In her role as Dean, Dorit looks forward to successfully addressing the challenge of simultaneously heading a nursing school, teaching, and developing fruitful research. She is a graduate of the Hadassah School of Nursing and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1993), with a Masters degree in public health from the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University and a Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University. Her vision is to take nurses and students to the next level of professionalism and clinical work, creating a new gold standard in the profession through critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and research. DR. DORIT WEIL LOTAN Dean DEGREE PROGRAMS: • B.S.N. - Bachelor of Science in Nursing • B.S.N. for Ultra Orthodox Men • Fast Track Program for non-B.S.N. academics The School of Nursing places an emphasis on providing a multicultural education with programs targeting the Ultra Orthodox Community and nonB.S.N. academics. Aiming to give graduates the tools they need for success in a demanding, yet rewarding, work environment, the School combines rigorous theoretical and clinical studies alongside practical training in leading hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers. These applied clinical studies not only equip students with the skills and infrastructure they need to provide services ranging from pediatric to geriatric care, but also assist marginalized people in the local community. Haim Edri recently completed his nursing studies at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where he won a merit-based scholarship award. Prior to college, Haim studied at a Kollel (a center for learning Jewish biblical texts), worked as a scribe (Sofer),and as a proofreader for Jewish religious texts. He volunteered for many years with Magen David Adom and Hatzola (the national first responder agencies) and decided at the age of 42 to study nursing, due to his faith and desire to help people. HAIM EDRI | Intensive Care Unit Nurse, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center, Bnei Brak | Alumni

SEED Center (Study of Early Emotional Development) To advance the welfare of children and families through rigorous scientific study, innovative therapeutic programs, professional training and the promotion of public advocacy. Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Research and Training The applied research institute promotes teaching and training designed to disseminate an integrative approach to the study and practice of psychotherapy. RISE (Research Institute of Society and Economics) To develop an ecosystem in the field of Impact, not just in academia but throughout Israeli Industry, Government, and Finance. Students will be exposed to professionals in the business-entrepreneurial world and in the public and capital market. Municipal Corporations Institute Is aimed to form a solid basis for the administrative and legal regulation of municipal corporations and develop action strategies for municipal corporations in a manner that advances the public interest. Our Research Institutes inspire, advance, and provide the means and the tools for conducting and achieving excellence in applied academic research. RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION MTA faculty are committed to advancing applied interdisciplinary fields of research. The interdisciplinary nature of these topics serve as a pathway to national and international collaborations and deepen the connection to society and community. Political liberalism with Algebraic @MTA NURSING BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES SCIENCE SYSTEMS GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY e-Learning and MOOC courses Disabilities studies Public Health Physical Anthropology Professional Identity Ethical Dilemmas Gerontology & Geriatric nursing Digital Transformation Cybersecurity Data Science E-Commerce Machine Learning Digital E-Learning Knowledge Management Neuropsychology Psycholinguistics Health Psychology ASD during Infancy Child Psychotherapy Educational Psychology Parent-Infant relationship Social & Psychoanalytical theory Reproductive Psychology Artificial intelligence Efficient computational algorithms Computer science theory Group and set theory Sociology of art and emotion Local authorities Globalization theories Interplay of municipal MANAGEMENT & ECONOMICS Strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship Organizational rise psychology Family businesses Fintech Real estate management Business-social enterprises Impact Management Innovation corporations democratic development COMPUTER number theory INFORMATION

SCHOLARSHIPS @MTA A commitment to scholarships forms the heart of our efforts to educate Israel's students. The College allocates millions of shekels to enable our diverse student body to succeed. Your support will , enable more Israeli students to reach their academic potential and join the next generation of Israel's leaders!As a state college, our annual tuition is under $5,000 per student. Additional merit and need-based scholarships support tuition and living expenses for our diverse student body, many of whom have financial hardship or family dependents while enrolled. Please consider contributing: • $10,000 - Presidential Scholars • $5,000 - Provost Scholars • $2,500 - Dean's Scholars • $1,800 - Jaffa Scholars • $1,000 - Leadership Award More Information: Yariv Sultan, Vice President, Development & External Relations Mobile +972-52-851-0022 Email:

THE HEART OF CAMPUS SOCIAL LIFE AND YOUR FIRST STOP FOR ALL ISSUES RELATED TO THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE. STAFFED BY A MIX OF PROFESSIONALS AND VOLUNTEERS, THE STUDENT UNION PUTS STUDENT INTERESTS FIRST. Student UNION ACADEMIC Assists students with academic issues, including accessibility and accommodating learning disabilities, makes Union regulations, and advises students before the disciplinary committee. SOCIAL ACTION Social commitment is a huge part of the Student Union too, with volunteer programs and regular lectures, panels, and tours promoting a positive connection between academia and our local community. MTA ESPORTS ASSOCIATION Hugely popular worldwide, Esports usually refers to organized multiplayer video game competitions. The MTA Association is both competitive and educational, suitable for newbies and experts alike, with regular talks and screenings. Current favorites include League of Legends, Overwatch, and CS:GO, but more games are added every year. MTA HACK MTA hosts an annual hackathon for students – it's not only a ton of fun (with prizes and free food!) but a fantastic opportunity to network with industry experts and contribute exciting new perspectives to software development. Plus, pre-hackathon bootcamps and workshops are offered to help get your coding skills up to scratch. SPORTS & FITNESS MTA offers various informal sports activities, including basketball, volleyball, yoga, Pilates, running, table tennis, and more. The Union's basketball and soccer teams also compete in the ASA academic league. COMMUNICATION What's going on at MTA? As the Union's public face, the Communication Committee will tell you, via various social media pages and groups, regular newsletter, study groups, jobs page, and more. CULTURE Concerts! Parties! Standup comedy! The Culture Committee's behind them all, including special celebrations for holidays like Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Tu Bishvat, and – of course – Student Day. WELLBEING How do you keep students happy? Cheap coffee and easy local parking are a start. The Wellbeing Committee also ensures food quality in the cafeteria and advises on various legal and financial issues. For more info contact:

Rabenu Yeruham St., P.O. Box 8401 Tel Aviv Yaffo, 6818211, Israel Contact: Prof. Vered Holzmann +972-3-6802722, Director of Research, Development & Innovation Mr. Yariv Sultan +972-52-851-0022, Vice President, Development & External Relations